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Secrets to Selling Your Jewelry: The Formula for Business Success


It is not my intention to give you a success pep-talk. It seems that the people that do that make success sound so easy. Maybe they have forgotten their own struggles in their quest for business success when they say “it is just so easy to do”. They know that they will sell more books by telling you that it is easy then by telling you the truth. In order to make a business successful, it takes a lot of time and effort. Anyone that tells you different is probably making a lot of money from their books and tapes.

If you have been trying to make your business successful for a while and have not seen the result that you would like to see, don’t give up. Your lack of success is probably due to a lack of knowledge. Use what you have learned from your failures to move toward success. Most all successes have come after a number of failures. Abraham Lincoln was defeated in many elections before becoming President. Thomas Edison failed in many attempts to make a light bulb before he succeeded. Success comes from research and experimentation.

This series of articles is not meant to be a textbook discussion of marketing techniques. What I have tried to do is provide a practical and useful guide for selling your craft product in a way that you do not have to be a marketing major to understand.

As I was traveling and selling our own jewelry, I began to realize the relationship between a few things that started with the letter “P”. I realized that the Price of a Product and the Place where it was sold were all connected and important. This is three of the 4 “P’s” of marketing. The fourth “P” is Promotion. If you have ever taken a marketing course, you will have seen these 4 “P’s”.

The fact that I started seeing the importance of these “P’s” and their relationship to each other without a marketing course, shows the real life relevance of considering how these factors play a role when you are selling your product. If you are looking for a formula for success, the closest thing to a business success formula is the four P’s of marketing. The right Product, at the right Price, in the right Place, with the right Promotion. This is the formula for business success!

The 4 P’s is a very important concept that applies to any business. The extent to which you are able to put them all together in the right way will dictate success or failure in selling your product. They are general enough to apply to every business, and they are specific enough that you can apply them to selling your own product.

Over the next few issues I am going to write about the 4 P’s of marketing so that you will have a better understanding as to how they relate to each other and how you can use them to make your business a success!

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